Power of Conversational Hypnosis Review - The True Story

Published: 20th January 2011
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Power of Conversational Hypnosis was released in 2005 and was accredited by the American Medical Association despite the number of hypnotherapists against this particular course. It was dubbed by many as "The Ultimate Covert Hypnosis Program" because of its gutsy revelations. Read on further and get to know this hypnosis course.

How This Hypnosis Course Came to Be

Igor Ledochowksi dedicated many years in creating Power of Conversational Hypnosis. He opted to find out the secrets in mastering conversational hypnosis as a young man. He first set out to find Dr. Milton Erickson's underground hypnosis works when he was still a university student. He decided that if he was to study hypnosis, why not study it from a pioneering hypnotherapist's point of view? Like Ledochowski, Dr. Erickson was a man who didn't bother to walk within the lines.

Igor Ledochowski, however, had to endure frustrating a period in time where he can't seem to find even one page of Erickson's missing works. It was years before he located them all and years more to make the papers comprehensible. Erickson's unpublished papers were too advanced and too difficult to grasp for an aspiring hypnotist. He had to work some years more in trying to translate Erickson's words into normal English language, that is to say, the kind of language average people can understand right away. Because of the things he learned from Erickson's theories hypnosis after "decoding" them, Ledochowski formulated his own tricks on covert hypnosis, bypassing Erickson's complicated ways. Ledochowki's personally-formulated techniques are now incorporated in his course on hypnosis.

Getting to Know Power of Conversational Hypnosis

This product aims to educate people about covert hypnosis. Covert hypnosis is a very subtle art that enables the hypnotist to read someone's thoughts and make the subject do whatever the hypnotist wants.

Covert hypnosis can be done by a skilled hypnotist without ever being caught. Underground hypnosis a.k.a conversational hypnosis, relies more on hypnotic conversation, body language, eye contact and choice of hypnotic words.

Igor Ledochowski created this program to hone a person's hypnotic skill, devising techniques that create an illusion to the hypnotist's advantage.

Unlike other expensive hypnosis courses, this program only costs $195 which entitles its buyers to bonus items like hypnosis e-books and instructional CDs. The people behind this product promises to teach its clients how to use hypnotic language properly, how to detect if a person is entering a hypnotic trance, how to attract people, how to forge a powerful hypnotic command and many more.

Although this course has earned the hypnotherapy world's disapproval for its revelations, still it appears to be gaining a lot of good reviews. It may be for the reason that the rest of the world is beginning to believe that the art of hypnosis is real and not just something we see in Hollywood movies.

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